How To Build Your Brand As A Music Artist

The essence of a brand is telling a story through visuals, voice, and communication. So, to create a brand, you need to establish your story: Why are you making music? What are your biggest … [Read more...]

Do You Need A Record Label?

In today’s age, both the creation and consumption of music is more accessible than ever. Any artist can upload their music to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, making the beginning of a … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists

There are many ways Spotify can help up-and-coming artists gain exposure. One of the more notable ways is to get your music featured on one of Spotify’s playlists - each of which have thousands of … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Music On Instagram

For countless musicians and music artists, Instagram is optimal for garnering attention. If you are trying to make it big through Instagram as an artist, read this post and you will learn how to … [Read more...]

How To Submit Music To Blogs

Are you a music artist, rapper, band or musician and would like to know how to submit music to blogs online? Submitting music to blogs so your work can be featured and heard by music fans is … [Read more...]

How To Clean Up Audio And Remove Background Noise From Recordings

Have you recorded some audio tracks such as vocals or instrument tracks and everything seems to sound pretty good overall, but you would like to clean up audio and remove background noise from those … [Read more...]

We Were Featured On The Ziye Music Blog

We were featured on the Ziye Music blog - read the full article: … [Read more...]

Beats Universal was featured on Getmybuzzup

Beats Universal was recently featured on Getmybuzzup - check out the post here: … [Read more...]

The Best Place To Buy Beats Online

Are you a music artist or rapper looking to find what is the best place to buy beats online? Keep reading this article so you can find out... Nowadays there are thousands upon thousands of music … [Read more...]

Best Ways to Promote your Music Video Online as an Artist or Rapper

Promoting music videos online has become a great way to generate interest in the music that is being released by artists and rappers in recent times. Individuals have been finding many creative ways … [Read more...]

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