How To Get More Followers & Likes as a Music Artist


Social media is something that is etched into all of us nowadays, and it’s how we utilize the power of social media that determines how successful you can be as a music artist.

If you simply sign up for an account and make a page that sits there, you might get a few likes here and there, but nowhere near the amount you’d get if you market yourself.

Of course when you’re a musician and also have a day job, you may feel overwhelmed with the whole world of social media marketing. This requires attention to detail, time away from music, and more importantly, patience. However we would love to be able to help with this so that you can focus more of your precious time on improving your skills in the music department. We offer artist promotion services for anyone who wants to spend more time on their craft.

Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube are the main ones to focus on understanding. While it can take a while to build a following, the term “share” is what will speed this process up. Getting people to share your music, blogs, or anything else you want more exposure with will be super important to getting your name out there. Asking people to share your stuff is a high risk, high reward deal. While having someone just “like” a page might be easier for them, it only adds one follower to your page, while having them share the page might be a tougher task, it reaps a much greater reward of likes. If the person who shares your song has 700 friends, that shows up on the news feed of 700 people (minus anyone who “hides” that person from their feed).

If you’re SERIOUS about making it big as a musician, learn about social media marketing. Or we would be more than happy to give you more time for you to work on music by promoting your music to others. Just check out our services page here for more info: Music Promotion


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