How To Clean Up Audio And Remove Background Noise From Recordings

Clean up audio noise removal waveform

Have you recorded some audio tracks such as vocals or instrument tracks and everything seems to sound pretty good overall, but you would like to clean up audio and remove background noise from those audio recordings to make them sound more polished and professional?

This is a common issue nowadays that home studios are often used to record voice and instrument tracks and a lot of times you will have to clean up audio recordings and remove background noise, hiss, hum etc for best results and to achieve the best possible quality while mixing and mastering your songs.
There are a few different ways you can achieve that yourself and there are both free and paid options available to you.

One of the best free options for cleaning up audio is an audio editing and recording software called Audacity.
Audacity is a great option if you’re not willing or can’t afford to spend any money on professional noise removal and audio restoration software and in many cases it can do quite a good job cleaning up your music and audio tracks and it’s also pretty easy to use as well. For more specific instructions on how exactly you should use Audacity for audio clean up and noise removal you can find plenty of step by step tutorials on Youtube.

If you’re looking for even more professional results or you have audio and music tracks and recordings that you can’t clean up by using Audacity by itself, the best paid option for you is probably Izotope Rx. This software is one of the top audio restoration solutions available on the market today and if you’re serious about achieving the best results or have recordings that require more professional treatment and you can afford it, this is the software you should buy.

Another paid software option for audio restoration is Adobe Audition, which doesn’t offer as many features as Izotope Rx but can still produce some great results.

As an alternative option if you’d rather not do it yourself or don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional audio restoration software as well as the time required to learn how to use it properly, you can use any of the several audio clean up and noise removal gigs on Fiverr which you can purchase for a low price starting at just $5, such as this one.
This way you can benefit from the experience and expertise of an audio restoration expert and you won’t have to spend a lot of time and money by trying to do everything yourself. Just make sure to read the gig’s reviews first to make sure that the gig you’re ordering is legit and will leave you satisfied with the results.

In conclusion, as you can see there are several different options – both free and paid – available to you, if you’re looking to clean up audio and remove background noise from your audio recordings. I suggest you take some time to look into each of the available options and then pick the one that’s more suitable for you depending on your needs and budget.


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