How To Promote Your Music On Instagram

How to promote your music on Instagram

For countless musicians and music artists, Instagram is optimal for garnering attention. If you are trying to make it big through Instagram as an artist, read this post and you will learn how to promote your music on Instagram by following a few simple strategies.

Create a brand image as a music artist

Don’t forget that you’re trying to sell something – your music. To do that, your brand should feel familiar to current followers and cohesive to new followers. It is integral that you make your account reflect you, as well as your music.
If you consider yourself a light-hearted person, don’t be afraid to post funny and relatable things, and vice versa! Just make sure your posts are original and attention-grabbing.

Nothing is more important than easy access to your music

If someone comes across your Instagram page, and doesn’t see an easy way to listen to your music directly, they probably won’t go out of their way to Google your name.
It’s best if you show off your music in accessible ways: have story highlights dedicated to snippets of songs and your live shows, and put a link to your Bandcamp, Spotify, etc directly in your bio.

Use relevant hashtags

When creating a new post on Instagram make sure that you add relevant hashtags to it so that it can get maximum reach and engagement. If you’re not sure what hashtags you should use, see what other artists in your genre with a lot of followers and engagement are using and copy them – but try to have some variety as well and not just copy the exact same hashtags that someone else uses and also avoid using the exact same hashtags on each post.

Be personable

This is especially applicable if you are starting out with very few followers.
Always try to respond to comments and Direct Messages – your followers will feel more connected to you and your music if they feel they have a relationship with you. With that relationship comes pride in your music, and they’ll be much more likely to share it with friends.
Also, Instagram allows you to send Direct Messages to anyone! Take advantage of this by going through the Instagram followers of artists that you are similar to (and have about as many followers as you), and asking them to check out your music – without begging. You can also interact with them by liking and commenting on their posts.
Usually, these followers care about the emerging artists scene, and many of them would jump at the chance to one-up their friends by knowing more underground music – more visibility for you!

Don’t forget the power of your existing fanbase

People’s devotion to emerging artists is typically high, as these fans often go out of their way to discover new music. Take advantage of what visibility you already have by hosting raffles; for example, encourage followers to tag a couple of friends under a post or share that post onto their story for the chance to win free music or merch. This is a great, organic way to get others to visit your profile.

Connect and network with other artists

Try to connect with other artists that are in the same genre or make similar music to you and interact with them on Instagram by following them, liking and commenting on their posts and several of them will notice you and do the same for you.
You can also collaborate on songs with some of these artists and this way you will gain exposure to their fanbase, which in turn will help grow your own followers and fanbase as well.

Notice trends

Notice the posts of other music artists that garner the most engagement and comments and determine what’s common among these. Were they snippets of music videos, or anecdotal? What makes your followers most likely to engage with you?
In addition to paying attention to trends in your own feed, take note of trends that are sweeping the Internet. People are more likely to share something they are familiar with, which in turn, will help you gain attention.

Instagram is a phenomenal way to promote your music – just remember to be yourself, and always go the extra mile!


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