How To Promote Your Music On Soundcloud


Soundcloud is an audio platform that enables music artists to upload, record, promote and share their music. Here are some of the best ways to promote your music on Soundcloud:

1. First you have to make sure that you’ve set up your Soundcloud profile page so it looks as good and professional as possible, so take some time to write a good bio and upload high quality profile and cover images on your profile. When people visit your page you want them to see that you’re a serious and professional music artist as this way they’ll be more likely to want to stay on your page and check out your music.

2. Share/post your Soundcloud widgets to your social media profiles and pages, such as on Facebook and Twitter but also to music related blogs and forums. The more people you can reach the better, as each person who listens to your music could be a potential fan.

3. Follow users that are related to your music style and Listen, Comment and Like their tracks. Soundcloud is an online music community and so you need to interact and build relationships with other users, who will in turn notice your own music and interact with you as well.

4. Post your music to Soundcloud groups. Simply go here and join groups that are related to your music style and then post your tracks to them. (Update: On Aug 22 2016, SoundCloud removed the groups feature)

So this sums up how to promote your music on Soundcloud, we hope you found this post useful. If you need an extra boost on your music marketing efforts, consider getting our Music Promotion package.


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