How To Promote Your Music Video Online

There is nothing more important in the music industry than to get exposure for your material. We all know that this is an industry that has experienced some extreme changes in the last 20 years. There are advantages and disadvantages to those changes, but I will give you some powerful tips that are going to allow you to make the most out of your marketing efforts as an independent musician looking for exposure to your music and your music videos in particular.

Unleash the power of social media

Everyone knows social media is a great way to promote anything, but very few people are making good use of the tools and the features of most platforms.

If you’re looking for quick results, the first thing I would recommend is that you take the time to invest in Facebook ads. Create an ad with a catchy title and flashy graphic that leads to your new video release and target people who have shown interest to music that is similar to yours.

YouTube is also an essential social media platform. Some people still consider that YouTube is not social media, but that is incorrect. YouTube is the most expressive and massive social media platform in terms of video engagement. Now that they have live feeds, you can use that to announce your music videos to your audience. And of course, you can also use YouTube video ads to reach a large audience fast. Using YouTube ads you can target and show your ad to other music videos that are related to your song and that can bring some great results, as people will be more likely to like your own song as well and become fans of your music.

Make sure to take advantage of Instagram by uploading snippets of your music video there as well. This can work really well especially if you have a large following already, but you can also use relevant hashtags to reach more music fans who may not know you yet but may become interested in your music.

Send your video to music blogs

This is going to be extremely useful because it gives you the chance to get more exposure. You should contact as many music related websites and music blogs as possible, but it’s always a good idea to do some research and pick those blogs that are relevant to your music style and genre.


Being able to promote your music videos online is an amazing opportunity. Just make sure you put in the effort to put out a great music video and stick to the tips I have given you and you should be able to get excellent results.


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