Top 6 Ways To Promote Your Music On Twitter

Promoting your music on Twitter will do a lot for your music career if you have the right mindset and understand the proper ways you should be using to engage and connect with your music fans and other artists and professionals in the music industry.
Fans of other artists in your genre who are already on Twitter and have a large following might be interested in your music, and since they are already music lovers, they won’t need much convincing to start liking what you have to offer as well.
Here are the top 6 ways to promote your music on Twitter.

Engage With Other Users

Make sure you take the time to engage and reply to your followers when they comment on your tweets and posts.
It is also important for you to follow, retweet, like and leave comments on the tweets of other people you are interested in, like the music promoters, other music artists and media personalities etc, and that will give them more chances to notice and engage with you as well.
You will need to show a little love before you will get back any at all, but the relationships you develop here are very valuable, as word of mouth is very powerful.

Have A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset will help you grow your followers even when you are not doing that well, as there might be days when you follow a lot of people and no one follows you back. A positive mindset in this case will make you still want to retweet, like and leave comments on their tweets, so you will get noticed and eventually they will start following you, and you will find ways to develop relationships with them.
When you make one good connection on Twitter you are making a connection with the friends and followers of that person as well. They will be more willing to share your videos and posts, than the followers who are not interested in your music at all.

Post Great Content And Be Consistent

Try to understand what your followers like to see the most and what kind of posts get the most engagement (comments, likes and retweets) and post more of that type of content as much as possible.
Promoting your music on Twitter will not bring you instant success, however, be consistent with posting and tweeting, if you want to see positive results. Like everything else you do for your music promotion, you need to be consistent and post often, but at the same time try not to get too repetitive or post things that your followers aren’t really interested in.

Time Your Tweets To Create Buzz

You should create buzz for your music before it is released. Before you drop a mixtape or launch an album, announce it way before (not just on Twitter but on all social media websites). Around one week prior to the launch of your album/EP/single, use each day as a countdown. This can ensure that you and your songs get as much talk going as possible as well as keeping them in the thoughts of people who follow you.

Use Hashtags

Get used to the concept of integrating hashtags into your posts. Making a hashtag is a great solution to follow or start a pattern and get people talking about your songs. Before publishing any tweet, look to find out what hashtags are trending and, if relevant, add them to your tweet. By driving on the passions of other users and music fans, you and your music can get discovered more easily.

Post Videos

People tend to find videos more engaging, so you should be posting your music videos, but also videos about the process you are going through to create your music, what you were thinking about when you wrote your song, videos of your performances and anything else you can find to post about your journey to success.
Being shy and withdrawn won’t be good for you when you are promoting your music on Twitter. You need to get accustomed to being in front of a camera quite often as you make videos, so you can grow your fan base. Give your fans something to look forward to, so they will be ready to buy your music when it is released.


You can take your music career to new highs just by following these tips. Remember: Be human! It’s a great thing to see music artists interacting with fans and actually showing a side of their life too. Keep things relevant, but don’t be obsessed with perfection. Fans want to know about you and your lifestyle, so share it and you’ll surely build a strong following as a music artist on Twitter and beyond.


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