How Do I Choose Which DAW To Use?


As a musician, choosing your DAW is like choosing your home (well, it’s more like an apartment where you can break the lease at any time). However we all long for a HOME, where you can spend hours on end in one place rather than jumping around. Choosing the DAW that best fits your preferences takes some time, but once you discover it, you can develop a constant way to make music so that you can learn to master your skills in one interface.

Below is a list of 10 of the more common DAW’s to choose from:

1) Pro Tools
2) Logic Pro
3) Reaper
4) Cubase
5) Fruity Loops
6) Ableton
7) FL Studio
8) Sonar X2
9) Nuendo
10) Radar 6

Once again, you’ll want to narrow this list down immediately to 1-3 at the most. You can do this by going to each of these developers websites and doing some research. I guarantee you’ll cross off at least 6-7 of these when you see what they each do and how they fit your music.

We’re here to help you out, so contact us with any questions about this! And if you already have a DAW picked out, let us make your tracks sound as well produced as possible with our Mixing and Mastering Services!


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