How To Submit Music To Blogs

Are you a music artist, rapper, band or musician and would like to know how to submit music to blogs online?

Submitting music to blogs so your work can be featured and heard by music fans is something a lot of independent artists struggle with nowadays.

As with most things, there are a few different options you should consider and choose from when looking to submit your music to blogs, which we will cover below.

Free or paid blog submission?

First you need to decide if you’re looking for a free or paid music blog placement option.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but my suggestion would be to try both options if possible – as the more places and blogs you can be on the better and the more chances you’ll have of being discovered and building a fanbase – and then stick with whichever option works best and is more suitable for you.

Let’s see what you should expect from each music submission option and what you should pay attention to in order to get the most out of your time and money.

Free music blog submission

The free music submission option mainly consists of reaching out to music blogs that accept free submissions and sending them your music and details and hopefully some of them will accept your submission and feature you on their blogs.

Just make sure that anything you submit is of high quality and is presented as professionally as possible, as this way you’ll increase your chances for your music submission to be accepted. That includes your music, artwork, branding etc.

Also don’t forget that you should mainly target and submit music to those music blogs that cater to your own style and genre of music, be it hip hop, rap, pop, rock and so on, as that should increase your chances of getting featured as well.

The main advantage of submitting to blogs that offer free music submissions is of course the fact that they’re free, but the disadvantage to that is that since those blogs usually receive a lot of submissions every day, it will be much more difficult for your submission to actually be accepted and featured on those blogs.

Paid music blog submission

Moving on to the paid blog placement option, this basically means that these music blogs offer placements for a fee which usually starts from around $5 and can go up to $50 or even more for placements on more popular and well-established blogs.

This option is usually more suitable for upcoming and independent artists as those are less likely to be picked up by music blogs compared to already established artists, so this can give them a much needed boost especially when starting out.

The main advantage of this option is that in most cases those are guaranteed blog placements so you’ll know for sure that your music submission will be featured as long as you pay the submission fee, but the disadvantage is of course that you’ll have to pay for this so you’ll need to set aside a budget for it.

How to find music blogs to submit to

As for how you can find music blogs to submit your music to, you can of course try doing a Google search for phrases like “music blog placement“, “hip hop blog placement” etc, but specifically for paid blog submissions you can also try some of the several music blog submission gigs on Fiverr that will allow you to feature your music on music blogs – for a (usually) small fee – such as this gig here.

A few things to keep in mind before submitting to blogs

  • Put in the effort to make your music sound as polished and professional as possible
  • Make sure that any graphics, photos and other media you submit are high-quality and professional
  • Find and submit to the right music blogs that are suitable and cover your own music genre and style
  • Double-check for any grammar or spelling mistakes and correct them before sending your submission
  • Make sure you follow any submission guidelines properly to avoid having your submission rejected


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