Top 4 Free Ways to Promote Your Music Using Social Media

social-media-1453843_640In today’s article, we’ll be going over four of the best ways to promote your music online – for free! We’ll be covering multiple social media platforms and specific methods and techniques to help you gain new fans.

1. Facebook

The best way to grow your presence on Facebook (or any platform) is to create great content that people will want to share. Post frequently and spend a few minutes interacting with your followers each day. Don’t just market your music, get personal. You’ll be more successful at growing your fan base if you include stories, personal updates, and “behind the scenes” shots every once in a while.

How often? Depending on how much you have to say, you can vary it from around 2 to 3 times a day. On Facebook, not all of your followers will see every post in their feed. In fact, only about 5% to 15% of your followers will (who are chosen by Facebook’s algorithm depending on your post’s engagement and other factors).

2. Twitter

Twitter can be a very effective way to update your fans and find new ones. Again, shareable content is key! It will lead to new followers, which means more people seeing (and sharing) your posts that talk about upcoming shows and new releases. If you’re at a loss as to what to post (since you should be doing it often!) just retweet something you find interesting and relevant. When you do post, make sure to include images for higher engagement.

How often? Since Tweets are short and quickly buried, you can easily post six times a day, or even every hour if you have enough content!

3. Instagram

Instagram is a great way to share photos of anything you can think of. Plus, it allows you to quickly and easily post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, giving you an easy and effective way to connect with your followers on multiple platforms with just one click! You can also post videos.

How often? Depending on what you’re posting, you can get away with as many as 5 to 6 posts each day.

4. YouTube

Being that to this day YouTube is still #1 for music streaming, it’s a good idea to create a channel and post often and constistently! Official music videos, lyric videos (which you can get here), and behind-the-scenes type videos are all great ways to fill your channel. And don’t neglect making videos for big announcements (like new releases and albums). Get excited about your music and everyone else will too!

Final Tips…

  • Put Yourself Out There: Obviously you should have a page setup for yourself/your brand on multiple sites with a good picture, bio, and links to all your other social media pages.
  • Don’t Focus On How Many Likes You Have: Many people get caught up in how many likes or followers they have. While it’s good to have a strong presence, it’s not just about the number. What matters is that you’re connecting and interacting with the people who are really interested in your music.
  • Use Your Time Wisely: Don’t waste your time on trying to convince people to like/follow you. What you should focus on is creating an engaging page and keeping it up to date with your latest shows and releases.
  • Engage With Your Current Followers: Post often and engage with people who respond. People get on social media to be social, so don’t forget to interact!


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